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Books from Dave Case

Out of Cabrini Out of Cabrini
A Macbeth novel
April 1, 2006
Five Star
ISBN: 1594143781
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When Lonnie Huggins is released from prison, he is rewarded for not flipping on his gang by being handed four kilos and the task of starting a drug territory for the notorious Cabrini Green Gang in Minnesota.

When Huggins beats up his girlfriend, Latricia, before leaving to get the coke, she calls Stacey Macbeth, a Chicago cop, whom she befriended during her boyfriendís prison term, and lets him know that Huggins is carrying concealed.

Dave Case Macbeth arrests Huggins and impounds his car. However, the hidden drugs are not discovered. Inside County Jail, Huggins orders his boys to get the car back from the auto auction, but the car is sold under the table to a local businessman, who gives it to his mistress. From there itís a violent, bloody race between the gangbangers looking to get the car and the drugs back, and Macbeth and the rest of the Cabrini tactical team to find and stop them before more people are killed.

Dave Case is currently working on the second Macbeth novel.



June 9th, Printer's Row Book Fair, Twilight Tales Booth #, 12--2:00pm
July 14th, Indiana bookstore
August 11th, Wickliffe Public Library, Wickliffe Ohio, Crime Scene Processing
Sept. 15th, Orland Park Public Library, Author's Fair, 10--12:00pm
Sept. 20th, Schaumburg Library, Crime Scene Processing, 7:00pm