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Reviews and Blurbs

“Case... has two options: retire and spend his time as the best-selling author he has a good chance of becoming, or stay a police officer and collect more of the marvelous chunks of life and death that make "Out of Cabrini" such a rare creation.”

-Dick Adler
Chicago Tribune reviewer

“Dave Case has been a cop on some of the toughest streets in America, and this comes through his writing with hammer-force. Case has looked down the gun and come back to tell us about it. He’s the real deal and so is his debut novel...”

—John Camp AKA: John Sandford
bestselling author of
the Prey series

“Move over, Joseph Wambaugh—there's a new cop on the beat. With Macbeth, Zito and the rest of the 18th District team, Chicago Police veteran Dave Case has written a gripping, authentic tour of life on the streets -— along with the funniest opening chapter I've read in a long time...”

—Sara Paretsky
author of the bestselling
V.I. Warshawski series

“I’ve never read a novel with a better feel for the grit and language of the hard, dark streets of a city. Kudos to Dave Case for his sure-handed debut ...”

—William Kent Krueger
Anthony Award winner
and author of Blood Hollow

"Out of Cabrini is a tremendous debut, with powerful writing, great characters and an engrossing plot. ...realistic depiction of cops on the job, and the authentic exploration of criminal life in the inner city. ...reminded me of George Pelecanos... "

- David J. Montgomery
Chicago Sun-Times reviewer

“A car packed with drugs becomes a lethal time bomb as it passes through the abandoned car system, trailed by men determined to get it back. Fast-paced and crackling with authenticity, Out Of Cabrini is right out of the front pages...”

—Barb D’Amato
Agatha and Anthony Award winner
and author of Death of a Thousand Cuts

“Cops and their protective subculture, street gang members and their casual brutality... nothing is sugar-coated in this breathtakingly honest first novel. Dave Case grabs you and takes you on a fast ride deep into a dark world you didn’t think you wanted to visit, where you meet real people -— tarnished heroes and confused conflicted killers. Then he sends you hurtling toward a chilling climax, and when he lets you out you can’t wait for your next ride...”

—David J. Walker
Edgar nominee and
author of All the Dead Fathers

Out of Cabrini, Dave Case’s dark debut thriller, is as riveting as a twenty-car pile-up on the interstate. From the start you can see disaster barreling down and you can’t look away. Case portrays the infamous Cabrini Green projects and the cops who patrol them with the authenticity of the experience. And only Elmore Leonard does the criminal, the clueless, or the damned quite as well. For lovers of gritty Chicago stories and fans of the noir, Out of Cabrini is a must read...”

—Michael Allen Dymmoch
recipient of the Malice Domestic Award
and author of The Fall

Out of Cabrini roars out of the starting gate with a searing depiction of the projects and the people who populate them. Case goes deep inside his characters’ souls with writing as bold and cold and vicious as the Chicago winter he sets it in. Unforgettable characters and lean, spare writing make this an explosive debut from a major new talent. Read it!”

—Libby Fischer Hellman
author of Ellie Foreman series

“A vibrant new voice from the Windy City, Dave Case steers readers through the mean streets of Chicago in his debut novel, Out of Cabrini. Scary, gritty, yet with a dose of humor, this high-octane thriller never lets up on action or excitement ...”

—Julie Hyzy
author of Deadly Blessings

Out of Cabrini is a hell of a ride. Dave Case weaves a complicated tale of cops and robbers with the aplomb of the big-city cop that he is. It’s like watching a master boxer dancing his way through a twelve round fight...”

—Michael A. Black
author of The Heist
and the Ron Shade series

“My son is the real deal with 19 years on the street as a Chicago Police Officer, almost half of that in the elite Special Operations Section, and he wrote a great debut book. Walk the back streets and alleys of Chicago, as described by someone who’s been there. Out of Cabrini is so authentic it’s scary. A tough cop, writing a tough story, filled with real heroes and villains. You’re going to swear you’ve seen them on the news...”

—Peggy Case
Dave’s mom